22 Jun

Qualcomm, France Brevets and IP 欧洲 join forces to create a new funding initiative for 欧洲an 中小企业

A new financing and advisory mechanism to help innovative 欧洲an 中小企业 secure high-quality patents and build effective portfolios will be rolled out across 欧洲 in 2019, it was revealed today. The creation of Patent Factory 欧洲 (PFE) was announced at the IP 欧洲 Annual SME Summit, taking place in Brussels. It will be run by IP 欧洲 and French sovereign fund France Brevets, with additional funding being provided by Qualcomm.

PFE has two objectives: to help 中小企业 bridge the period between their creation as start-ups and access to their first and following Series A and B rounds of venture capital investments; and to support the success of existing and forthcoming EU innovation initiatives by providing a gateway to funding.

In helping start-ups and 中小企业 to build strong patent portfolios, PFE will support their continued growth by ensuring the protection of innovative technology, products and services. It will also enable 中小企业 to raise capital to support their development and sustain growth without being forced to sell either equity or even the business as a whole to larger, potentially non-European, entities.

The scheme will be open to all fast-growing 中小企业 and start-ups in 欧洲 at all stages of their development (from seed financing to intermediate growth stages), with specified and clearly-defined IP needs. PFE representatives will negotiate a pre-determined budget with external advisory services and patent counsel then fund the costs associated with developing the patent portfolio for up to 24 months.

“We see 知识产权 as 新创业的催化剂, SMEs 和经济增长 欧洲,这就是为什么我们为早期的研究计划提供资金,以造福欧洲SME生态系统,”高通公司执行副总裁兼高通公司技术许可总裁亚历克斯·罗杰斯(Alex Rogers)解释说。“高通公司和France Brevets正在携手合作,以使整个非洲大陆的各种规模的公司都能从5G创新中受益”.

PFE背后的原理基于 专利工厂计划 that France Brevets launched in 2015. Through this, the sovereign fund partners with high-potential French 中小企业 and start-ups to help them structure their 知识产权 strategy. It has already been pivotal in the creation of 169 families of new patents and has helped the growth of innovative businesses such as 安全IC (网络安全), 内塔特莫 (连接的对象), 能源广场 (无线充电技术)和 维提洛夫 (太阳能割草机器人技术)。

As part of the programme, France Brevets sends its experts into companies and research institutes, and works in close contact with their teams, to help them define which assets to patent according to what is most relevant for the implementation of their business models, while assisting them in the written preparation and filing of patents in France and internationally. All 知识产权 costs are taken on by France Brevets.

“我们工程师的才智是我们的基础,但Secure-IC’没有我们与France Brevets的合作关系,其成长故事将大不相同。我们共同采用的共同投资方法以及他们提供的IP驱动策略,帮助我们成功应对了年轻的创新型企业和快速发展的企业所面临的许多早期挑战。它’对其他创新型欧洲中小企业来说是个好消息’他们也将能够通过新型欧洲车辆获得这些服务,”Secure IC首席执行官Hassan Triqui告诉 我是.

这看起来是IP 欧洲的明智之举–这是一组IP丰富的R&基于D的欧洲公司努力游说以寻求在欧洲的强大专利保护–以及France Brevets和Qualcomm。恰逢欧洲和世界其他地方正在进行激烈的战斗,以塑造即将到来的5G FRAND和SEP环境。

尽管这本质上是大型发起者公司与实施者公司之间的斗争,但至少在欧洲,中小企业的代理战正在展开。这主要是因为双方都意识到,中小企业对欧洲经济的重要性意味着他们的命运才是欧洲委员会所能抓住的。’的注意。 PFE项目不仅表明知识产权所有人愿意投入时间和金钱来帮助初创企业和中小型企业发展可创造价值并创造业务灵活性的投资组合,而且还更广泛地强调了强大的知识产权对于小型企业的重要性。和新兴的欧洲技术企业。这里的明确信息是,您将自己弄得一团糟。



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