想象一下一个由巴西法律,战略IP,反腐败,数据隐私合规性和监管顾问组成的团队,他们致力于克服在该国强劲而复杂的市场中运营的跨国制药,生物制药,保健和医疗设备行业所面临的挑战。一组巴西执照律师致力于按时且在预算内为行业成员提供帮助。一家全球性公司,其成员运用其数十年的集体法律经验(最有效的法律实践)。遇见 斯普拉

我们的团队利用其丰富的行业经验,强大的沟通能力和积极主动的方法来支持客户的法律和业务需求。 SPLAW凭借其灵活性脱颖而出。它的成员具有出色的口头和书面交流技巧,并且可以独立和成组地工作。我们习惯于通过积极的多任务处理来满足激进的截止日期。我们从战略上有效地分配专业人员的正确组合,以提供透彻而又具有成本效益的代表。必要时,我们可以迅速扩大规模以应对更多 很重要。

SPLAW为客户在法律,法规和合规方面的挑战提供咨询服务。 医疗保健和生命科学, technology and food sectors. SPLAW truly believes in building communication bridges 和 dedicates time to understanding our clients, their businesses, challenges 和 competitors. From a deeply focused 和 informed position, we truly communicate, forging cost-efficient, dynamic 和 creative approaches to tackle with impact the legal, regulatory 和 compliance challenges of our 客户。

SPLAW is actively assisting clients in the life sciences, 技术, 餐饮 和 environmentally sound solutions industries with all their legal, compliance 和 regulatory challenges, including those arising from intellectual property, data privacy 和 data protection, antibribery, anticorruption 和 business conduct compliance; regulatory 和 public compliance; environmental, biodiversity 和 sustainability; 和 就业。

We advise industry clients on life sciences, intellectual property, policy, healthcare laws 和 compliant industry practices, including:

  • product pricing, regulation 和 government price reporting;
  • arrangements with distributors, pharmacies, wholesalers 和 market partners;
  • strategic IP 和/or healthcare practices 和 policies, such as those affecting the prosecution, licensing, enforcement 和 regulation of intangible assets;
  • 符合标准的患者支持计划;
  • coverage 和 reimbursement, in particular under the 巴西ian Universal Healthcare System;
  • a broad range of market access, including vendor contracting, policy development 和 standard operating procedures reviews;
  • privacy counselling on the 巴西ian version of the Health Insurance Portability 和 Accountability Act 和 the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, 和 of the 巴西ian General Data Protection Law (LGPD) rules; 和
  • a broad range of other healthcare regulatory matters, such as advertising 和 promotion, policy development, funding requests, legal counsel to compliance, policy development, 和 client 和 vendor training.

所有 partners of the firm 和 most SPLAW attorneys are graduates of 巴西ian law schools, with at least 10 years of legal experience. 所有 are licensed by the 巴西ian Bar Association 和 gained prior in-house experience in the fields of healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical 和/or medical 技术, 和/or biotech. Our team remains up to date on compliance, legal 和 regulatory trends 和 industry laws. Our principals are known throughout the industry for their legal 和 policy 贡献。

Based in São Paulo with an active satellite office in 坎皮纳斯, our firm works with associate offices in 巴西利亚, Washington, 特拉维夫 和 日内瓦. Similarly, we belong to a network of industry-specific law firms throughout 巴西 和 the rest of Latin 美国。


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