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IBM’s LaFontaine takes top spot in this year’s我是三月ket Makers ranking

On the back of 12 months of ferocious dealmaking, Big Blue’s IP head sits at number one in the annual list

IBM’s LaFontaine takes top spot in this year’s<em>IAM</em>Market Makers ranking
Lions of global patent dealmaking revealed
3 十一月 2020

Lions of global patent dealmaking revealed

IP leaders from the likes of Panasonic, InterDigital, Broadcom and Microsoft sit in places 20 to 11 of this year’s 我是三月ket Makers ranking

Conversant's RPX deal ends patent disputes with device manufacturers including Apple and Huawei
2 十一月 2020

Conversant's RPX deal ends patent disputes with device manufacturers including Apple and Huawei

CEO Teksler signals NPE will now return to its roots, with focus on semiconductor market


2 十一月 2020

Leaders of the world’s patent deals pack

The countdown of this year's 我是 三月ket Makers - our annual ranking of the 40 most influential players in the global IP market - begins today with places 40 to 21 阅读更多

28 十月 2020

分析 shows that the LOT network now covers more than 12% of granted US patents

With 1,000 members now on the roster, including recent joiners IBM, Coca Cola and Xiaomi, CEO Ken Seddon has his eyes on start-ups 阅读更多

15 十月 2020

How TSMC keeps on top of the transactions market

Chief IP Counsel Billie Chen explains how the fab giant taps into the patent market through both an alliance with WiLAN and its own initiatives 阅读更多

30 九月 2020

China’s new antitrust IP guidelines leave much to interpretation

Long-awaited policy could frame a new round of battles between SEP owners and implementers 阅读更多


7 七月 2020

A patent's journey from 我是 市场到 Facebook v BlackBerry

分析 shows that assets listed on the platform sell at a higher rate than average, while they are also litigated more often 阅读更多

25 可能 2020

Japanese covid-19 patent pledge triples membership, but users must read fine print

Big-name electronics and chemical companies have continued to sign on, but several have taken the opportunity to narrow the terms of the pledge and remind potential infringers that they won’t tolerate abuse 阅读更多

16 可能 2020

IP is here to stay, but everything is going to change

我是 celebrates its 100th issue, a look back at how it all began, a fast forward to the future and a massive thank-you 阅读更多

14 可能 2020

From the archive – IV through the years

A look in to the 我是 back catalogue to see how we have covered the evolution of the pioneering patent market player 阅读更多


8 九月 2020

LOT and AST announce new patent dealmaking relationship

Tie-up will give companies a first look at portfolios set to be put on secondary market and enable them to take a licence 阅读更多

4 九月 2020

Xiaomi’s patent plays prepare it for a global role

The Beijing-based smartphone manufacturer has been busy doing licensing deals and making acquisitions, not only to build its strength at home but also on the international stage 阅读更多

2 九月 2020

Inside the plan to develop a patent licensing market for cannabis

“We want to be the RPX of the industry,” co-founder Jay Yonamine tells 我是 in exclusive interview 阅读更多

24 八月 2020

Covid pandemic hits the patent deals market as transaction volume crashes

After bumper first quarter new AST data shows how dealmaking slowed in Q2; semiconductors and pharma are busiest sectors 阅读更多


8 2020

From French fancy to global community – celebrating 100 issues of 我是 

Founder and editor in chief Joff Wild looks back on 17 years of 我是 阅读更多

4 三月 2020

IP market news highlights

A rundown of some of the top news stories on the 我是 platform in 十二月ember, January and February. 阅读更多